"Not your ordinary chiropractor!"


Mission Statement

Photo 1At Hanselman Family Chiropractic LLC, we strive to provide you with individualized diagnosis and care so that you can achieve your own unique health potential.

How we work to achieve individualized diagnosis:

Upon your first visit, we will sit down together and discuss your reason for consulting the office as well as your complete health history.  Our examination includes utilization of thermal scanning and surface EMG which will show areas in your spine where there is potential nervous system interference.  An x-ray examination will be performed, if necessary.

How we work to achieve individualized care:

Photo 2


After all the information from the examination, history and x-rays (if necessary) have been collected, the doctor will create a management plan designed specifically for you.  It will include the following information:

The chiropractic adjusting techniques we use are also highly specific (please see "What is AO technique" tab)